Suit of Cups

+ Feelings, emotion, vulnerability, openness, creativity, fantasy, idealism, romance, receptiveness.

– Too emotional, suppression of the emotions, too down to earth, unrealistic expectations. 

Element: Water

β™₯ Suit of Cups think with their heart, not their head β™₯

Suit of Cups are open for new impressions, are very intuitive, have a great imagination and empathy for others and like to pursue the mystery in life. 

The tension side of the Cups is the struggle to find hope and faith. This means they have to learn to deal with emotions such as fear, grieve, pain and disappointment. Sensitive as they are they struggle the most with these feelings and emotions. Even though in the end, it isn’t as bad as they make it up to be in their head. 



Suit of Wands

+ Energy, spirituality, inspiration, power, intuition, creativity, ambition, determination, charismatic, warm.
– Illusion, selfish, impulsive, no goal/direction

Element: Fire

In the world of Wands the flashy thoughts, exciting ideas, and major plans overrule. They don’t look back but forward with an unstoppable positive change for the future.

The energy of Wands is powerful, healthy, vital, primitive, impulsive, direct and outwards. From within the intuition, fast choices will be made, who often are the right ones. They don’t slow down and rest. Relaxation will lead to boredom quite fast because new challenges will also come with a lot of new tension and excitement.

The tension side of the Wands is being formed because of the constant urge looking for new challenges while deep down a big insecurity rules. Failure can mess up a lot. If they learn to listen en accept help from others they can vouch for their promises.