Suit of Swords

+ Action, change, strength, ambition, courage, conflict.
– Anger, judgment, no compassion

Element: Air

• Rationalize what happens in the world by analyzing •

Feelings will be pushed aside here, logic rules the suit of Swords. It’s the world of the so-called control room who finds itself high in the sky to have the complete overview. This is where the big decisions will be made with careful planning, preparation, and reflection. 

The energy of the suit of Swords is powerful, self-conscious, functional, assertive and outwards. They are proud and will never admit that they can’t handle something. But this also means they will overburden themselves so much faster. 

Suit of Swords will stick up for themselves, give critique, face problems and aren’t afraid to risk the ending of a relationship. 

The tension side of Swords is being formed by the necessity to be distant and objective and to challenge themselves not to hide behind this.