Suit of Pentacles

+ Warm, heartfelt, caring, diligent, structure, dedication, money
– Greedy, possessive, materialistic 

Element: Earth

Suit of Pentacles deals with an external level of awareness about topics such as health, work, creativity or finances. They feel at home in a place where they can be down to earth and reality overrules. The energy is pointed at dedication, calmness, diligent, concentrating and a powerful perseverance. They need to have a goal and vision to work towards. They don’t mind having a submissive role in contrast to the Suit of Wands or Swords.

The tension side of Pentacles is being formed by the need for security and safety. They have to learn to approach something new from a slow and safe angle. They must use their life experiences to get higher up. Suit of Pentacles knows their boundaries.